Sofia Rus, elevă Excelenţă: I had the pleasure to work with two of the best English teachers!

When I was asked to write about my experiences as a student at the “Bistrița-Năsăud Centre of Excellence” I immediately thought about how helpful and useful our meetings are. Last year in 2020-2021, I had the pleasure to work with two of the best English teachers I have ever met and I am really grateful for that. Even if our classes took place on Saturday mornings, I found myself looking forward to them, with enthusiasm. I’ve always loved English, but like any other thing, when you have a very well-prepared team to help you whenever you need, everything becomes much easier.
I truly believe that participating in these classes helped me a lot to improve my English, encouraged me and gave me the confidence and motivation to keep on working. Last year we wrote an article in a brochure about the landmarks in Bistrița and I thought it was such a nice experience, having to take photos and to search for interesting information on the subject we chose. Even if we had to work online, the teachers did everything they could to help us understand English better and to make each lesson a fun and interesting one, using all types of digital materials.
In other words, I am really grateful for the chance to work and spend valuable and useful time participating in these courses.

Rus Sofia, elev CJEx BN

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